Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Costume for Halloween

When it´s approaching October 31, we all think about the costume we're going to wear in the Halloween party. It´s only once a year when adults can "dress up" and enjoy a night out.

It is always useful to know how to dress on Halloween night. First you have to know specifically what is the best option to choose for the night:

One option is to dress in a typical Halloween style  (with fangs, blood, skin white masks, etc.) And other trend is not to dress a Halloween costume but to dress typical Halloween accessories. 

At Halloween parties held in pubs, clubs, and some private or reserved locals, you usually see many people who have dressed like "Teen-College Competition" in which everybody wants to choose the most widely makeup , or the more bizarre costume or scary its new "face" ....

The point is to draw attention to friends and family with the best Halloween Costume and also to fear anyone who goes through the street: D

Moreover, many people choose not to dress up, and in fact if you go by local cities will not see everyone dressed up.

Aside from these situations are those in which clothing linea agrees to a "Halloween Style" without falling into the costumes. This trend is often seen as more "chic".  

A summary of all the accessoriesLBD dress and pumpkin to use on Halloween night: D

The most trendy at Halloween Night is dressing in black, for girls with a LBD (Little Black Dress) fine and dandy, and the guys just wearing dark clothing, a jacket of cloth usually works pretty well.

For the rest of the set offers a true picture of Halloween, it's best to use ancillary to the Party.

The most striking accessories are placed in strategic locations that do stand out more.

At this point, it´s most easier fot the girls than for the boys. Girls can paint their nails in orange motif of skulls or pumpkins, and wear Halloween necklaces or other ornaments (hair clips, bracelets,  pumpkin scarves ...)

The boys, however, have to work it out a little more. If you are wearing a jacket, it is smarter to place a pumpkin-colored handkerchief in the breast pocket, or even use a black shirt with orange trim and buttons. It will always give a touch of color to a man´s most serious attire.

I leave you thinking about how to combine your clothes and accessories for Halloween Night. Meanwhile, some began to enjoy this party with Halloween decoration, unless the view that Christmas, and very funny!

Happy Halloween to everyone!! 

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