Friday, November 9, 2012

Surf City in USA: Huntington Beach

Who does not know the chorus of the song "Surfin'USA" by the Beach Boys? Yes, it is "We gonna be surfin '.. surfin'USA .. I guess very few of you.

 Have you ever wondered what places inspired the mythical music group to write this song?

 One of them was Huntington Beach, "mecca" of surfing in the United States.

 A bit of story about it ...

The city of Huntington Beach is located in Orange County, whose name you may know because of OC television series  that was broadcasted some years ago.

In its primitive origins, the land that today marks off Huntington Beach was occupied by an Indian tribe called Tongva. 

Several centuries after America´s discovery by the Spanish, Manuel Nieto was the soldier who took charge of the first settlements in the area in 1784, he founded then Rancho Los Nietos. In 1790, however, this area was reduced by the west because of a dispute with San Gabriel Mission.

Since then, the territory was renamed several times, for example as Shell Beach, Gospel Swamp, Fairview, and Pacific City as time passed. Until the nineteenth century, when the power of the city was given to railroad magnate Henry Huntington, who sponsored the city's economic development, and in return he put  his name to the city (which is a typical fact of most small American cities).

Even today, in 2012, the company founded by the landowner in 1800 .. continues to own most of the land and much of the mineral rights and local raw materials. 

Images of the beautiful beach of great waves Huntington Beach, the pool of the Hilton Waterfront Resort, and Ruby's Dinner restaurant located on the boardwalk in the center of the beach.

Leaving aside historical facts ..

I give you some clues to those of you who have just discovered the existence of Huntington Beach, I hope these clues can help you to know this surf city a bit better, at a street level: 

Among the best hotels on the seafront, there is Hilton Waterfront Resort, which features special packages for surfers among its offers, and some original wedding giveaways valued at $ 100,000 in California Wedding Day program. 

The hotel property still belongs to the famous Hilton family, in which Paris Hilton is the most famous member.

Other best-known coastal places than Huntington Beach are Palm Beach, Long Beach, Malibu and Newport Beach, because the have appeared repeatedly on television shows, movies, music and video clips: for example, the song "Malibu" by Courtney Love.

And a secret anecdote: I found that the room service waiters in some hotels protect food with a solid plastic housing that keeps food warm while for the customer. - "Where has it been made?", I asked myself. The answer: Made in Huntington Beach (CA, USA). 

I hope you have learned about this great town and beach on the West Coast of the United States that is Huntington Beach. 


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