Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rare London Dresses

In recent months I have attended parades and visited shops in which Rare London dresses caught my attention.

It is a brand that I love, and you'll really only find this kind of clothing style and originality in stores that sell this British brand. There are some items of Rare London from which you will not find in other stores (and I say this from my experience and of my friends).

You can buy Rare London collection in a lot of online stores, but if you´re living in United Kingdom or Ireland, it will be better to you to buy directly from its web page.

Among the different Rare London dresses that I liked, until now I have purchased one of gauze and maroon (dark red), carrying gold rhinestones on top. I bought at the fair Stockcity at a discount of about 15 , original price was 50 . I consider really cheap for the quality of the fabric, and how well it is, so the purchase was very profitable. You can see in this photo:

Several Rare London dresses with paillettes (or sequins), ideal for partying, and some bags with drawings or prints of skulls:

The following poster and photograph shows one of the most famous dresses, it´s full of sequins (or paillettes), which can be perfect for attending any cocktail or special celebrations:



The good thing is that Rare London brand also has dresses and bags that you can wear any day, just like these ones:

Happy Shopping ;)

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